The Bridgewater Triangle & The King Philip War Theory: A Basic View

In the mid-1970s, cryptozoologist, Loren Coleman noticed an inundation of reports coming from the Bridgewater, Massachusetts area. Tales of Bigfoot sightings, Thunderbird sightings, and other cryptozoological wonders made Coleman stop and take notice. In his correspondence and research with others interested in the area, such as Peter Rodman,  Coleman knew there was something special here...this area that Bridgewater residents jokingly dubbed "The Bridgewater Triangle." Coleman liked the name and ran with it. Over thirty years later, reports of bizarre run-ins with ghosts, UFOs, and other otherworldly beings continue, making The Bridgewater Triangle one of the most charged paranormal hotspots in the world.

Why is this area a magnet for paranormal activity? Some Bridgewater Triangle investigators believe that the answer lies in history. King Philip's War was statistically the bloodiest war ever to be fought on American soil. The punishments inflicted during the war that lasted from June, 1675 to August, 1676 were unfathomly barbaric -- on both sides. Butchering, beheading, kidnapping, burning towns to the ground, this war was filled with torturous corruption. The most horrific act was the death of King Philip himself.

"Captain Church ordered his body to be pulled out of the mire to the upland. So some of Captain Church's Indians took hold of him by his stockings, and some by his small breeches (being otherwise naked) and drew him through the mud to the upland ; and a doleful, great, naked, dirty beast he looked like. Captain Church then said, that forasmuch as hs had caused many an Englishman's body to be unburied, and to rot above ground, that not one of his bones should be buried. And calling his old Indian executioner, bid him behead and quarter him."

And as Church promised, rot in the sun above ground Philip's body did. His head was sold to the village of Plymouth for thirty shillings were it was staked and proudly displayed at the Plymouth Fort for the next 25 years.