Goodness Gracious...Great Balls of Fire!

A rash of UFO sightings have been reported in 2011 in the Bridgewater Triangle...and beyond. Between the National UFO Reporting Center and MUFON, there have been 21 reports of the "fireballs" over the skies of Southeastern Massachusetts in the year 2011. Sightings from all over, with witnesses reporting almost the same experience: looking up at the sky and seeing orange or amber "fireballs." At first they look like stars. But these ones move. And dance. And divide. And disappear. Even morph into illusionary helicopters and planes...or sometimes more ships. Hundreds of such sightings have been reported wordwide in recent years. But there is no doubt that activity in our area is approaching an all time high.

The first Bridgewater Triangle sightings of the fireball phenomenon was first reported to me back in January of 2011. Two young men watched two of them for over thirty minutes in the skies over East Bridgewater. The following year, I was contacted by another witness of the "fireballs." But this witness had his iphone handy...and for the first time, I saw video documentation of what others were claiming that they were seeing. 

This witness (we'll call him "Charlie")  claims that "anyone can see them...if they know where to look." He sees them often, the "ships." First appearing to him in March of 2011, they don't even scare him anymore. The sightings have become almost routine by now. He told us that there seemed to be an intelligence about the lights. And that he believes that they know that he is watching. Others claim the same. Others who have "spotted" them. A youtube search brought me to the many videos posted by woman named Alison Kruse, who has been seeing--and filming them--since 2009. Kruse narrates the footage in all the clips. And her narration sounds exactly like what Charlie had been telling us: Anyone can see them, they are there almost every night, (especially after a period of rain, for some odd reason) they morph into other ships and can transform themselves into looking like a helicopter or planes to trick the witness.

Below is a screenshot of footage Charlie posted on youtube last spring.
Now here are some screenshots of similar sightings in the area. Notice the places and dates of the occurrences. All look eerily similar to Charlie's video.

The same spheres of light have been appearing since at least 2008, with an influx of activity and sightings in the last year. And its not just the triangle area...the phenomenon seems to be global, with activity repeating in certain areas. Bridgewater Triangle is one of those places. But the activity in the area is heating up. Sightings in Middleboro, Bridgewater, New Bedford, Swansea, Raynham, Taunton all within days of one another, and all described in the same way: "pulsating," "brighter than any star,""glowing"and "sun-like" The only difference in the reports seems to be how many of the "ships" appear. They seem to range from one to 12. Sometimes it is reported that the lights "divide" and more orbs appear in the sky near the first one.

The sightings have even gained media attention at the time.

Well, "Charlie" was certainly right. Anyone can see them. Like me for instance. Here is one of the dozens of videos I have capturing  the fireball phenomenon.