Bridgewater Triangle Alligators: Eight Gator Sightings Documented By Newspapers

An alligator in Brockton is captured by a local firefighter in the summer of
2010 after it is seen crossing a residential street. 

1. July, 1929. Abington
A five-foot long alligator is seen “roaming about wherever he chooses and devouring whatever appeals to his taste." The gator is not captured.

2. March, 2005. Rehoboth 
A local boy encountered two alligators. He kills one, while the other gets away. The second reptile is never found.

3. July, 2005, Middleboro
A 5-foot alligator is found in Stump Pond in Middleboro. Police lure the creature out of the water with a chicken as bait. 

3. July, 2005, Brockton
A 4 ½ foot alligator makes an appearance at D.W. Field Park in Brockton. After a small chase, police are able to capture the gator.

4. August, 2005, Brockton
A second alligator is spotted at D.W. Field Park in Brockton.

5. September, 2005. Abington
A five-foot long alligator takes up residence at Island Grove pond. The creature is not caught.

6. May, 2010. Brockton. 
Yet another rash of alligator sightings at D.W. Field Park. The gator is not found.

7. July, 2010. Middleboro 
A fisherman in Middleboro catches a 2-foot long baby alligator out of the Nemasket River and brings it to the nearby State Police barracks.

8. August, 2010
A Brockton firefighter on his way to work one morning spots a 3-foot alligator crossing the street. The alligator is wearing a leather spiked collar and is dragging behind him a leash. The firefighter swiftly captures the gator.