Bridgewater Triangle Photo Gallery

Click on the image above to open the doors to Kristen Good's Bridgewater Triangle Gallery; a compilation of original photography taken throughout the Bridgewater Triangle. Some photos are serene, some are creepy...and some photos are downright frightening. The photo gallery will be frequently updated, so be sure to bookmark the page!


Unknown said...

Do you believe in time travel? Well I am convinced of it now. It was a late spring day and I was out metal detecting in a area I have been going to for 40 years. I know it well and there are quite a few land features to navigate from. It is called Rocky Woods Street off of North Walker Street in Taunton. I came out of the woods across from one of those land features but low and behold I knew something wasn't right. There in front of me a road appeared that did not exist. I was baffled. The road was two wagon lengths wide and had a rock boarder along both sides. There were no ruts, or signs of any disturbance. There was a fine layer of pine needles on it there was no sight of an end or bend. I started to follow it turning to look behind me every 100 feet or so. The hair on my arms and head seemed to be charged with static electricity. Then I realized I was on the old Providence Road as it was 200 plus years ago. I turned around, verified a land mark that could not change with time and got out of there.