Map of the Bridgewater Triangle

On this map, I have taken the apex points and placed them at their extreme points. Variations of the placement of the points changes what towns are included. No official map was ever created to accompany the story of the Bridgewater Triangle when it first was introduced to the world in the "Fringe" section of Boston Magazine in 1980 in article written by Peter Rodman and Loren Coleman. The article was included in Loren Coleman's 1983 book of fortean mysteries, "Mysterious America" but again, no official map accompanied it. I believe a more accurate map looks like a thick 20-or-so-mile swath extending from Boston Harbor to Narraganset Bay. This is based on plotting sightings and studying ley lines. Kudos to Rodman and Coleman for their great research in recognizing that there was something REALLY going on in the area around Bridgewater, Massachusetts. A town that had SUCH bizarre things happening,that Bridgewater residents starting jokingly referring to it as "The Bridgwater Triangle." (The article is available for public viewing at the Old Bridgewater Historical society and is worth the read even if you have read "Mysterious America." Although the article is in the book, it is not the whole article. The article opens up with murders of the Bridgewater area and that part was left out of the book, probably because it really wasn't a "fortean" topic, which makes perfect sense. If you do make the trek (which is definitely worth the trip) just ask for "The Bridgewater Triangle Folder." They will snicker, but they will give it to you. And it is packed full of all kinds now classic articles on the Bridgwater Triangle.