Bridgewater Triangle At a Glance

"Over the years, residents have recognized this particular area of the state for its strange and often sinister character and have taken to dubbing it "the Bridgewater Triangle." The triangle or Hockomock Swamp region covers an area of approximately 200-sqaure miles...UFO sightings, mysterious disappearances, creature sightings, or a high incidence of accidents, violence and crime have been labeled "triangles," the most famous  being the "Bermuda Triangle" The term triangle is a commonly accepted way of describing what researchers of strange phenomenon call a 'gateway or window' area which is focus of unexplained activity. The Bridgewater Triangle seems to have been one of the focal areas for a long time," "The Bridgewater Triangle," Boston Magazine, April 1980.

To drive through Bridgewater and its sister towns of East and West Bridgewater, you would never guess that beneath the surface of these  quiet country towns lies a kaleidoscope of secrets and mysteries. Its beautiful rivers including Town, Hockomock, Taunton and Matfield that meander through the land and the waters of Lake Nippenicket in Bridgewater sparkle in the sunlight like any other New England river and pond. They give no hint of the victims that their waters have inexplicably taken. The country roads seem like any other in the America. Except these roads have an extremely high rate of accidents, mostly unexplained. The smiles of the townspeople mask a silent truth: That suicides and insanity rates in these towns run mysteriously and shockingly high in this area of southeastern Massachusetts.

The Dighton Rock is a 40-ton boulder, originally located in the riverbed of the Taunton River at Berkley, Massachusetts. The rock is noted for its petroglyphs, carved designs of ancient and uncertain origin, and the controversy about their creators.

The history of the Bridgewater Triangle is a dark one. This area of southeastern Massachusetts has always been a magnet for high strangeness, evil, bad fortune and mysterious events. Suicides, horrific car accidents, mysterious drownings and explosively violent murders plague this area. Hauntings are common. Strange creatures roam its woods and enigmatic rocks dot its landscape. The Bridgewater Triangle seems to be a window into another plane of existence, where just about anything can climb through. 

Reports of run-ins with UFOs, entities both human and inhuman, cryptid creatures, and animals that simply do not belong. have all been recorded for centuries. Some of the country's most puzzling stone structures and sites appear in and around the area we call the Bridgewater Triangle. Mysterious boulders with strange carving like Dighton Rock and the Narragansett Rune Stone; astrologically aligned ancient stone sites such as King Philip's Cave in Sharon, Massachusetts and structures such as Mystery Tower in Newport, Rhode Island.

The answer to the enigma of who built "Mystery" or "Newport" tower
 has sparked debate for centuries. Knights Templar, Vikings, and even Benedict Arnold have all been proposed by scholars as the builders of this strange structure.  Mystery Tower is located in Newport, RI, roughly eighteen nautical miles from the southern borders of the Bridgewater Triangle and about 22 nautical miles from Dighton Rock.