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He Moves In Mysterious Ways: The Strange Path of Bigfoot In the Bridgewater Triangle

When I decided to publish a book of Bigfoot reports in the Bridgewater Triangle, I didn't expect to find any surprises. I knew the stories: The Bridgewater "bear" hunt of 1970, when police were deluged with calls of sightings of a seven-foot tall bipedal creature; the Joseph DeAndrade sighting of 1978; the Bigfoot close encounter of John Baker in Hockomock Swamp. And finally, a rash of sightings in the southern area of the Bridgewater Triangle in 2009 investigated by Bigfoot Field Research Organization Investigator, David Brake.

No, I did not expect to find any surprises in compiling my research on the topic of Bigfoot in the Bridgewater Triangle and presenting it in a straight-forward, no frills, information-based report really written for die-hard Bridgewater Triangle buffs. But I did find a surprise. A revelation if you will. And I have to admit, I was excited by my discovery.

When I went to create a map that plotted each location of the encounters cited in my book, I noticed a pattern started to take shape. It was a path! From north to south the sighting locations were almost in a straight line. Here is the first map I created:

"Bam!" I thought, as I put the last point on the map in North Dartmouth. And Kristen was pleased. Then Kristen counted the points on the map she had created and realized that she missed one: The John Baker sighting of 1980 in Hockomock Swamp. The only Bigfoot sighting in the triangle that actually occurred INSIDE of Hockomock Swamp. Kristen was no longer pleased.

Back to the drawing board, I set forth to create a new map. And hoped and that Baker's sighting point would land in the path that had emerged on my map. But I knew it was unlikely. Hockomock Swamp is to the east of the Bridgewater Triangle Bigfoot path, but I still held out hope. I even contacted a family member of Baker's to confirm his location site. I plotted the point then zoomed out on the map. And just as I was afraid of, it fell out of the path to the east. It ruined it, I thought. But did it? Where Baker's was the only sighting to happen in the swamp, his sighting kind of falls out of the pattern, doesn't it?

To see the map with Baker's sighting on it and to learn the details of the Bigfoot reports of the Bridgewater Triangle, check out my book, "Bigfoot in the Bridgewater Triangle: Published Accounts of Sasquatch Encounters in Southeastern Massachusetts, available now digitally through Amazon.
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Tales From The Bridgewater Triangle Zone: Eyewitness Accounts of High Strangeness

"You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension - a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into...the Twilight Zone." If there is any place that one could compare to the Bridgewater Triangle, the Twilight Zone would be it. The stories that hail from this bizarre area as strange and diverse as story lines from the "Twilight Zone!" Here are some of the creepiest stories eye witnesses have ever sent to me.


  • Now, let me go with this. I am a writer and a student, in a way, of the Hockomock Swamp. I have attached here a link to a story I wrote on the swamp that ran in Boston Globe South a number of years ago. I have also attached here a photo of a path through the swamp. I know about the fascination people across America have with the Hockomock Swamp, and the Bridgewater Triangle, in which the swamp is located. I know many, many people believe weird things take place in the swamp. But I have to say this, I don't believe that anything paranormal or extrasensory takes place in the swamp. Then again, let me come clean. About 1:45 this morning, I was driving east along Rte. 106/Foundry St., probably a few hundred yards before the intersection of Foundry Street and Prospect Street. And, then, something ... raced ... from right to left across my view ... so that would be something running from the neighborhood of the Hockomock Swamp across my view .. that looked like, well, a razorback hog ... but we don't have razorback hogs up here, right? Very interesting.
  • I was just past Colleties Market in Raynham, heading towards 138. It looked like a quick bright flash if light in the sky... And then was gone... Like someone in a dark room turned a flashlight on and then off again...I actually saw a helicopter shortly after. It was dark. I couldn't tell the color, but my eyes were on the sky!

  • I wanted to share something odd that happened to me about a month ago. As I was trying to fall asleep, I was lying on my back, looking towards my window to my left. A man was trying to look out the window. (I had my blinds closed, I noticed he had a white tee shirt on and was either bald or had very thin hair...he was moving up and down back and forth trying to see something. I thought at first it was my dad but he would have knocked before coming in and it was around 4 am. When it hit me that it could not be my father the “man” evaporated into an eggshell white color smoke.  It rose quickly to my ceiling. I remember two wisps of smoke licking my ceiling before it went into the ceiling.

  • I used to live in West Bridgewater. I am very familiar with the Hockomock Swamp. I’ve gone pretty deep out there hunting. But me and a buddy of mine were camping out off the town river one day and there must have been at least 20 of these crazy shaped aircrafts with different crazy lights go over head, just above the trees. They weren’t that high up at all. WE could not figure out what they were, they were silent, made no sound, and were not normal aircraft. Just puts into mind that there are strange things among the Hockomock Swamp.
  • There are Army helicopters that fly over REALLY low over the parking lot of the school I teach at in Brockton (East Side) Sometimes we see men hanging out of them. The WHOLE SCHOOL sees this! Yeah! Try teaching a class and hearing/seeing the helicopters flying low over the parking lot/house.
  • It happened like one or two times. I’d be by myself in the swamp near the Prospect Hill Extension. Sundown during deer season is usually between 5 and 6 p’clock. I went to deer stand and in the swamp it and it seemed to get dark like an hour before it should have. I’d walk back to the street and it would still be light out.
  • I camped on the island in the Nip once with a friend and my friend all of a sudden felt suicidal and went blank and he tried to walk into the water. I had to stop him. Another time on the beach at the Nip, a friend and I were camping we felt the presence of like a dog. I've heard the term hellhound but it had red eyes.  When I would approach it, it would be behind me somewhere and then move again. It seemed huge. It was not of this world.
  • I lived in that area for over 17 years. I grew up in the swamp exploring the swamp every day. But I always got this weird feeling that I was being watched when I would be coming back form the deerstands  after sundown. 
  • On September 16, 2012, Benoit witnessed a very bright stationary light that she focused on because of its unusualness. It was too bright to be a star and definitely not a plane. Others in the area saw the same thing in the sky that night between 8:45 and 9:10 that night. “When I was leaving work at about 8:45 there were three black helicopters flying low toward the direction of the light. I must say it was the first night I ever had an eerie feeling driving near those woods. (Route 105/Halifax/Middleboro line.
  • Tonight at 9:15 while traveling on Slab Bridge Road heading home a large orb like light (larger than a bird and quite bright like a meteor) passed over the road from tree top (arched) to tree top and disappeared. This was just before we passed the entrance of the Freetown State forest. My daughter has seen many unusual things happen on this road at night. This one gave me goose bumps, and we both saw it at the same time. Any idea as to what it could have been?

  • My cousin and her friend claim they saw something right after Halloween. They were in Brockton, close to 24 and the West Bridgewater/Easton line. They were outside and they said the sky turned turned green all of a sudden. It was after dark, so the sky had been pitch black beforehand. Around the same time, her sister was inside and said the power flickered off and then on.
  • I spotted a shiny saucer about 2 miles away on the 30th of December 2011 floating over south Weymouth, it was a Friday morning and as I did every morning I got ready for work, went to the bus stop and waited for the MBTA. I was in east Weymouth watching at the sky (because I was bored killing time) around 7:55 A.M I glanced up at the sky and saw something that had been reflecting a glare from the sun, I thought it was a plane at first but upon further examination I concluded it was a saucer shape, and was metallic. It stayed for about 2 minutes, and then I glanced away to attempt to re-adjust my eyes the object vanished. If anyone saw the same thing on the same\or close to the 30th please contact me, I’d like to learn more! 
  • Hi! I am Michelle's friend! Yesterday afternoon my husband and I saw a UFO hovering over 106 on the Plympton/Halifax line. It looked almost clear and then it disappeared..Had it been a plane or helicopter it wouldn’t have been gone like that!! Sky was clear blue. Had I not been driving I would have took a picture...very strange experience!
  • I don’t know if it’s part of the triangle, but I’d say about six years ago, my brother-in-law and I were coming back from Attleboro. We were heading East on the same stretch of road going through Plainville we came upon a  stretch of road with fairly  new homes....on the way back,  looking out the car window on the side with the homes on it. Just as I was looking, my brother-in-law says, “Where are the houses? The ones we passed on the way here? Somehow we skipped the houses we had seen

  • I was walking back from Marciano Stadium, and I was looking over towards the Asiaf skating rink, when I saw a really bright light... without blinking lights a plane would have. I pointed it out to my friend who was with me and we both watched as it as it sped up and disappeared. I talked to a few other friends about it, and two of them admitted to seeing it as well.
  • Location: Bridge Street, Bridgewater / East Bridge Water line (just around the corner from CN Smith Farm) I grew up in Whitman on Pleasant Street with access to wooded areas with rivers, swamps and old homes built before the Civil War and older. I say that to say that I have had my share of creepy, weird places which may or may not have had spiritual influences… good or bad. I do not consider myself a psychic but someone who discerns. I have been able to discern when someone has committed suicide in a structure without having any prior knowledge or history. I have had visions, heard demonic voices and seen demonic manifestations, it is not something that I look for but it is something that finds me. I was visiting a close friend of mine’s house that was set back off of Bridge Street, nestled behind trees and undergrowth that had a long drive-way running through it. The property was large and reached back as far as the Matfield River and had swamps and a small pond on it. I remember there was always an unsettling feeling about the wooded area and the pond, it always seemed dark even on the brightest day. There are also the remains of what seemed to be a very large brick structure, we were told that an explosion killed some people there many years ago but I have no proof of that occurrence. The two family dogs always acted strange and very protective when walking the paths to the pond in this area as if they sensed something that the rest of us did not. I distinctly remember walking to the pond with the dogs, one on either side of me and as we passed through two trees (which resembled an airport security metal detector) the dogs both stopped at the same exact time staring at something in front of us but I saw nothing. They didn’t growl, they didn’t move, they just stood still I thought it was a bit creepy and decided to return to the house and not go on my walk through the woods on that day. Just before midnight in mid-November I was spending the night, my good friend in his bed and me on the floor in a sleeping bag, the only light was that of the moon which filled the room. We talked about our favorite bands, hottest girls we knew and what things we wanted to accomplish before we were 40. What I am about to write changed my life and is still very real to me even now 22 years later. Something made a noise in those woods that was like nothing I had ever heard, it was like a scream and a roar mixed together with frequencies so low is rattled the windows and the floor that I was laying on. We both asked, “Did you hear that, what was that”? The both of us too afraid to get up and look out the window eventually fell asleep. In the days that followed we would experience things that can’t be explained without including the supernatural. We heard heavy footsteps running in the woods around us without ever seeing anyone or anything. I personally saw an eight foot humanoid shadow walk out of the woods, stop and turn and look directly at me, what happened next is unclear due to my running away like a small child who had seen a ghost. Then there was the 14 ft. white ghostly apparition that flew from one side of the yard to the other, it had a head and a tail (for lack of better terms) with a face that could not be described other than “fucking scary”! There is much, much more to tell but this is what I wanted to start with more than anything.
  • Both my sisters went to Bridgewater State College and they were friends with some guy who went to school with them, but live in a house off campus. On April 24, 1980 as these guys were asleep thy heard and felt a crash. One of the guys ended up having a body fall on him in bed. He was screaming and his roommates rushed in to his room turned on the lights and saw a charred body lying on him they could actually smell the burned flesh and then it just disappeared!
  • I want to relay this story about, for the lack of a better term, “Bigfoot” sighting me and my best friend Dave had in September 1972 in South Weymouth, Massachusetts. The date was Friday, Sept. 29th, 1972 at about 7:30 pm. Dave and I were 14 years old at the time and had known each other since 1st grade. What happened that night is as follows: Dave’s family just moved to a new neighborhood they were building behind my street (Courier Street). His family lived in my neighborhood before that. That’s how we knew each other for so long. We were walking around his street (Lintric Drive) which is a loop. We all hung up there because there weren’t many houses up there yet, especially on the farm side of his development and we went to school with other kids up there. We happened to run into his 15 year old sister who was babysitting one of the kids who lived there. The girl she was babysitting was about 6 or 7 years old.  Dave’s sister wanted to go over to the old farm field and smoke a cigarette. The incident happed at the old farm field. The field was part of a large horse farm, but not kept up. The grass probably stood 3 feet high. The field was between my street, a new elementary school (Union Street Elementary School), and Lintric Drive. There was a pond in the field to one corner and woods on 3 sides. Other fields, heavier woods, swamps, and creeks went on for quite a distance plus there was a sandpit and the Old Swamp River out in those woods. Dave’s neighborhood was built over the dirt access road that used to be the right of way to the farm. Most of it was still there in 1972. We walked over to the farm field using the old dirt road. Because of the lights around the school, the field was quite brightly lit once your eyes became accustomed to the available light.  The vegetation between the school and the field was low enough at that time to allow a lot of light into the field. We stood in a circle under one of the two large trees that stood on the field. I stood facing Dave, with the school to my left. Dave was busy talking to his sister when I heard or sensed something was with us in the field and at the same time it caught my eye. It was to the left of me, no more than 30 to 50 feet away!  It was a large, hairy creature walking parallel to the school to my left. It kind of looked like a gorilla, but was huge. I remember it had huge shoulders and head. The shoulders looked to me like they were six to eight feet off the ground. The head just went into them, maybe with a slightly conical shape, with no real neck to speak of. Its arms were quit long and the legs short. It looked hairy, but was really just a dark shape against the lights of the school. It crept in short movements. By that I mean it put its arms out, hands down on the ground, and then moved its back legs forward about the same distance...  I saw it do this a few times.  I never saw it walk upright. Although the creature was silhouetted in the light, I could tell it was watching us. I believe it did not want us to see it and was trying to move quietly through the grass on the edge of the field. It did not make any sounds.  It had large shoulders, no neck and a large head. The body was heavily built. The head profile looked like the “Bigfoot” in the 1967 Patterson film when it turned and looked at them as it walked away. Needless to say I must have looked freaked out and turn to look at Dave who also looked the same. I said to him,” do you see that” and he said “yeah”. We just started to run away up the dirt road by to his neighborhood.  We didn’t even say why we were running to his sister. Naturally she and the kid ran when we did. Once we got safely back to Lintric Drive and stopped running Dave’s sister asked why we ran. When we told her, she called us a couple of jerks and thought we were trying to just scare her. She went back to the house she was babysitting at and Dave and I hung out in front of a house that was under construction, 94 Lintric Drive that boarded the field.  There was a small strip of woods between the house and the field. It was right in front of the sighting spot. We wanted to go back and see if the creature was still there, but were too afraid. We heard some noise, wood banging or wood being knocked around at the house under construction and decided that it was in our best interest to leave the area and see if we could find some of our other friends to tell them what we saw and maybe to go back there "in force". As we were walking back to a house where our other friends usually were hanging out at, things got weirder if you can believe it. After walking maybe a couple of hundred feet we were in front of 69 Lintric Drive when the second strange thing happened that night. We had a beam or a ray shoot in front of us. It was higher than the tree tops, but went right across our path. It looked like a blacklight stretched across the sky because it was purple. It was bright but did not illuminate anything. It was almost like it was a solid rod of purple light. It actually hummed and had a feeling of power to it. Very strange! It lasted only a second or two, but truly shocked us.  I’d say it was like 6” in diameter and shot across the sky like a laser beam. We lived less than a mile from the South Weymouth Naval Air Station which was active at the time. I would say the beam would have to cross over the air base and maybe even came from it.  I lived around that base for over 30 years and never saw any beams come from the base before or after that event. I never saw anything like the beam or the creature again. We were always in those woods and fields AT ALL HOURS after that and never saw anything else strange or unexplained again. Although, my youngest sister saw a large UFO come in over the trees and hover over her car at the Union Street Elementary School in July 1983. She had 3 other people in her car and they all saw it. A year later a person I worked with described seeing a UFO in Weymouth, MA in July 1983 that matched my sister’s EXACT description! Unfortunately the farm field, woods, and sandpits are gone, all developed, although the field remains as a golf course. I cannot say if the creature and the light beam were related, but they happened within 10 minutes or less of each other. Dave and I always felt the creature was not of the world and the beam had something to do with it.
Non-Specific Year
  • I used to see the black helicopters all the time in West Bridgewater. They used to fly over the high school.
  • I'm a 4th generation Bridgewaterian. My great-grandfather had a friend who had a dairy farm back in the day (many, many years ago). His friend's fences started to fall apart one year, and every day he would find a few of his cows dead from suffocation due to all of the "quicksand" type mud holes out in the back section of the Hockomock Swamp. There is still a circulating legend that on certain evenings, when the moon is just right, you can hear the agonizing cries of drowning Holsteins, though there are no dairy farms in the area any longer.
  • When I was 14, my dad worked at the Murray Carver Cotton Gin building in East Bridgewater. Every weekend, we would do night man watch. He would send me out alone with time clock and the things I saw scared the hell out of me: Shadows, glowing yellow eyes, doors being opened, even though I had closed them tight. Now keep in mind that these doors were heavy steel sliding. This stuff went on until the company moved to Georgia.

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Clear "Class-A" Bridgewater Triangle Bigfoot Sighting in Freetown

2009 was a hot year the Bridgewater Triangle for Bigfoot sightings in the vicinity of Freetown, the town that serves as the western angle of the delineated map of this bizarre area.  The most interesting of these accounts happened on July 14th of that year, when a young man and his girlfriend spotted a "large brown hair-covered "man" standing up from a crouched position on the side of a two lane highway."

This witness immediately reported his sighting to the BFRO, who interviewed him three weeks after the incident. The following is the witness' report to the Bigfoot Field Research Organization:

"My girlfriend and I were riding in my Jeep on Route 140 from New Bedford to Freetown tonight and at about 11:00 my girlfriend saw this large brown hair covered "man" standing up from a crouched position on the side of the two lane highway. She lets out a scream prompting me to look at the creature standing there. He made fluid movements like a man and had an almost ape-like quality. We couldn't see his face but upon returning to the area we saw the "man" there was nothing. After calling 911 and telling them that someone was running in the median of the highway they told us that they had similar reports of what we saw on the stretch of highway between exit 7 (Braley Rd.) and exit 8 (Chase Rd.) They then told me that they were sending state troopers to investigate."

And here is is BFRO Investigator D.A. Brake's Official Report on the incident:
The witness (driver) was phone interviewed approximately three weeks after submitting the report. The girlfriend did not want to talk about the incident since the memory of it still upset her. A 30 minute inquiry and site visit to the specific area of the sighting provided some additional details summarized below. The witness was driving northbound and traveling approximately 70 mph in the left/passing lane closest to the divided highway median. The depressed grass median between Exits 7 and 8 of the north and southbound lanes is approximately 40 yards wide. The witness stated that the animal had a wide midsection covered in brown body hair, darker brown, long arms and was approximately 7- to 8-feet tall based on the height of a highway mile marker that was just adjacent to where the animal was standing. The witness also stated that the animal had a long chiseled jaw. The total duration of the sighting was approximately 3 seconds from the time the witness turned his head and first saw the animal until his car passed the creature. As his car passed the animal which was standing only 3-4 feet to the left of the hood of his Jeep, the witness reported having a scared sensation and noted that the animal had one arm down and the other arm up in a bent position as if getting ready to cross the northbound lane. The witness exited the highway approximately two miles north of the sighting and traveled back southbound to the point of the sighting but did not see anything unusual.  Although the placement of the 911 call by the witness was not confirmed, the witness reported that he subsequently had an informal discussion of the sighting with a friend who is a Massachusetts State Trooper whom was on call that night. The police officer told him that the local dispatcher did receive several related calls around the same time that evening, and he and several other troopers responded to the call and arrested several teenagers who were in the general area. However, upon receiving this information, the witness remained steadfast in his belief that what he saw was not a teenager playing a prank. The location of this sighting is immediately west of the Bolton Cedar Swamp, recognized as an important conservation land tract comprised of wetlands, ponds, bogs and acidic swamps vegetated with Atlantic White Cedar, pitch pine and scrub oak. The sighting occurred approximately three miles southeast of the eastern border of the Freetown-Fall River State Forest. This state forest marks the western point of the ‘Bridgewater Triangle’, an area of approximately 200 square miles that has had numerous reports of paranormal activity dating as far back 350 years when Native American Tribes and colonists co-inhabited the area.”

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The Bridgewater Triangle & The King Philip War Theory: A Basic View

In the mid-1970s, cryptozoologist, Loren Coleman noticed an inundation of reports coming from the Bridgewater, Massachusetts area. Tales of Bigfoot sightings, Thunderbird sightings, and other cryptozoological wonders made Coleman stop and take notice. In his correspondence and research with others interested in the area, such as Peter Rodman,  Coleman knew there was something special here...this area that Bridgewater residents jokingly dubbed "The Bridgewater Triangle." Coleman liked the name and ran with it. Over thirty years later, reports of bizarre run-ins with ghosts, UFOs, and other otherworldly beings continue, making The Bridgewater Triangle one of the most charged paranormal hotspots in the world.

Why is this area a magnet for paranormal activity? Some Bridgewater Triangle investigators believe that the answer lies in history. King Philip's War was statistically the bloodiest war ever to be fought on American soil. The punishments inflicted during the war that lasted from June, 1675 to August, 1676 were unfathomly barbaric -- on both sides. Butchering, beheading, kidnapping, burning towns to the ground, this war was filled with torturous corruption. The most horrific act was the death of King Philip himself.

"Captain Church ordered his body to be pulled out of the mire to the upland. So some of Captain Church's Indians took hold of him by his stockings, and some by his small breeches (being otherwise naked) and drew him through the mud to the upland ; and a doleful, great, naked, dirty beast he looked like. Captain Church then said, that forasmuch as hs had caused many an Englishman's body to be unburied, and to rot above ground, that not one of his bones should be buried. And calling his old Indian executioner, bid him behead and quarter him."

And as Church promised, rot in the sun above ground Philip's body did. His head was sold to the village of Plymouth for thirty shillings were it was staked and proudly displayed at the Plymouth Fort for the next 25 years.
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